Wednesday, 25 July 2012

And The Baby Wins

Taylor and Mark got some very beautiful maternity photos done. (Yes, Taylor has been pregnant for the last nine or so months - something that I don't think has been officially announced on Always Standing.) I asked permission to post some of the pictures and Taylor said yes.

Well, last night Taylor had the baby! He beat me to even posting about the pregnancy! I am so excited - Congratulations to Mark and Taylor!!

Kristen and I are going to go and visit him tonight. From what I can tell from the small photos coming from Mark to the cell phone - I am going to be spending some time with a beautiful, tiny, perfect, and adorable little creature this evening. I can't wait to meet him!! Hopefully I can get a couple of quick photos and ask Taylor if I can put them up too. In the mean time here is what he looked like a month or so ago...

Mark & Taylor - Maternity
By Gerri Photography

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