Friday, 1 June 2012

A Shorter Commute

Today it is raining in Toronto. All last month we experienced very little 'May Showers' then June hits and there is a massive downpour. I would love to complain about my commute - it seems like everyone does. However, it isn't overly lengthy (ranges from 40min to an hour) or horribly complex (streetcar and then bus or subway then streetcar dependent on the route) or super crowded (I can get a seat about 95% of the time and 60% of the time Kristen and I can sit together.) But, I could live where I work and walk to work - that would be sweet. Actually, it would be especially sweet since I love working in Liberty Village and I'm sure I would enjoy living here too!

Here are some of my options:

Penthouse at The Toy Factory Lofts
This is a 3,000 square foot, 3-bedroom apartment in a century-old factory-turned-condo. In fact, it used to be the Irwin Toy Factory, a company I had stocks in as a children, which were a gift from my Aunty Laura so that I could go to the company's AGM each year and play with the cool new products that were in development. Toronto Life has done an article about the space, with photos. This apartment has 14 foot ceilings, 5 balconies, 4 bathrooms, and a sauna. At night I literally dream about this place, the thought of it takes my breath away!
Cost: $2,575,000

A One Bedroom in Vibe
The Vibe condo building is very nice; it has a gym, indoor pool, party room, and all the other things that nice condominiums in Toronto offer. While this apartment has only one bedroom, it does have two bathrooms and a very large balcony. The living space is spread over two levels which is interesting, but in total it is only 700 square feet. Basically this is closer to the reality of something I might buy/live in one day.
Cost: $339,900

It really doesn't look like I will be moving closer to work anytime soon. Truthfully, I love my apartment and every time I even glance at what else is available to rent or own in Toronto I am reminded how amazing Rrunuv Bayit is and how lucky I am to live in such an awesome place for such a great rate.

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Anonymous said...

they both sound lovely and it would be great for you to live there. Slightly closer for us to visit too. Your job will have to pay substantially more for you to live where you work.