Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Photos From The Weekend

Quick Update: I went to Ottawa this weekend to start fulfilling my Maid of Honour duties and help out with Steph and Dave's September wedding. Steph's mother and sister-in-law were also hosting a bridal shower on Saturday so I attended that as well. It was great to start to see everything coming together - invitations, the venue, favors, everything is going to look so beautiful. There was so much to do for the wedding that I spent most of my time with Steph, though I did get a quick visit with ERin and Anna.

A couple of photos:
Cutest cookies ever!!
Kristen was at Taylor's helping to host a baby shower for her. Since I couldn't attended the baby shower I sent favors and had these sugar cookies made. These two are broken because I was carrying them around in my purse, I'm sure the other ones were fine.

 Problem solved!
While my other friends are having bridal and baby showers, I am still trying to figure out how to get my laundry done. I did a few loads at Steph and Dave's but their dryer wasn't working. I visited a laundromat quickly before heading back home laid out delicates in the back of the car. Yes, I am still the girl that is drying her laundry in the back of a car - when em I going to grow up?

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cute pics, babies and bras.