Thursday, 3 May 2012

A Poem To My Readers

Should I write you a poem?
Or sing you a song?
Need to write something
So, you'll just read along

This blog is a gateway
Great way to reach friends
It is so easy to do
No need to find pens

Can't think of what to write
Original content is so hard
Stealing shit from Twitter
And none of it's avant-guard

When the ideas do flow
It's hard to find the time
To sit and write them down
But at least today they rhyme

I am really trying to write
And know I should post every day
Just please stay to read it

And don't ever go away

-- Christine Sweeton, 2012


Anonymous said...

As you know, your stuck with me as a reader.

Stephanie Beach said...

On the subject of poems --- whenever my Sim visits your Sim in the Facebook Sim game, I always get the optins of "recite haiku". It makes me smile because I know how much you love haikus!