Thursday, 15 March 2012

Voila! Iz Beat You

(Note: For some reason Kristen and I think that if we could hear Two's thoughts they would be with a strange, slightly fake-sounding, French accent. Except for for when she is running back and forth in front of the window trying to get the attention of a squirrel, dog, or other cat; in these instances she is just adorably frantic "Hey, hey, hey. Be my friend? Be my friend? Are you my friend? Look over here. Hey, hey. Be my friend?" But besides this, she is a slightly evil little French kitten.)

Yesterday I saw that Friskies has developed games for the iPhone and iPad that you play against your cat. This is hilarious, and the cat in this article is adorable! I think this would be so fun. I really want a tablet though could never afford the Apple versions, which is all that the games have been released on, also the bare glass screen on the iPad stands up to cat's claws with no problems (though claws do tend to damage add-on plastic film covers.) So it doesn't look like I will get to play against Two for a while, but I think this okay since she would probably be obnoxious when she won.

"Ah, zee game is over yes? I see zat I may have, yes, beat you? Mais oui! You, how do you say... umm...are a loozar? I may bite you! But...nooo, we play again and I vill beat you. I seem to always win!"


Stephanie Beach said...

HAHAHAHA!!! I love evil french kitten!!! This post made my morning!

More exclamation marks!!!

Anonymous said...

Maybe her name is actually "tous"