Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Meet My New Phone

Over a year and a half ago I bought my first cell phone. It was a good 'starter phone' but I really needed to replace it. Even though it was a smart phone and I was paying for data, all I could really do was check my email, browsing was too difficult. It didn't have a GPS feature, or not one I could figure out at least, and sometimes I didn't get people's texts. Because I have a monthly plan without a contract I have to buy my phone upfront, so I had to wait until I got some money or phones went on sale - it turns out both happened at the same time. Because they were the same price and offered really similar features I had trouble choosing between the Nexus S by Google, which is an Android phone, or the Blackberry Torch. I debated this for over a month, asking everyone their opinion. I ended up getting the Nexus and it is amazing. I have already downloaded a ton of apps (all of them free). I love the phone so much, it is so awesome!

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Anonymous said...

Welcome to the world of Android users! I enjoy my phone too because you can customize everything!