Thursday, 29 March 2012

Happy Day

Great Lunch-Time Moment - Standing in a small bathroom stall at McDonald's while wearing my long, black, wool, winter coat and realizing that the jeans I am wearing are jeggings and therefore require no dealings with buttons or zippers. Made my day!

Now, if afterwards the hand dryer had been one of those super strong ones instead of the white and silver kind with the button it than everything would have been perfect.


Anonymous said...

Just a question, do you have any say on the advertising that shows on your blog? It seems to be mostly vietnemese girls who will "chat" and now Asian girls to meet. I find this offensive and wonder if you can refuse that advertising or have to accept what the site sends you?

Anonymous said...

Only thing wrong with that story is eating at McDonald's. Haha - except for their breakfast or dessert I'm not a big fan.

Have fun in Ottawa this weekend!