Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Put My Arm Where My Mouth Is

I finally got around to getting my H1N1 flu shot today. I actually got both it and the seasonal flu vaccine, one in each arm. I have been lecturing everyone who doesn't want to get it - you know who you are - so decided I should get mine before I lost the chance to. I don't want to do a long post about my pro-vaccination stance because I think I have written one already a previous year. I don't seem to really be reacting to it negatively, which is good since I have an essay to write tonight, fingers crossed things stay that way.

Also, today was the first big snowfall. I'm sure tons of people are talking about it, signals the start to excellent winter office small talk. I also didn't want to do a big post about snow since I do that every year. However, I love it and it is beautiful. I can't wait for more. I live in Canada, we get snow. I live in Ottawa, we get alot of snow!


Erin said...

Boo for vaccine. Double boo for two.
Yay for snow! Boo for too much snow.
"Alot" is actually two words.
Love the office talk quote, it is so true. Makes everything so much less awkward. Everyone unites against it.

Jenn (of the curly hair variety) said...

I am interested in an update to this post that discusses how much your arm hurts now. WAS IMMUNITY WORTH IT?!?

Deborah said...

Congratulations! Having had more than a few discussions with Annz and her brothers about this issue, I began to believe that everyone under the age of 30 had swallowed the paranoia line about this vaccine.

The way I see it, you've done your civic responsibility in taking steps to make sure you don't pass H1N1 on to others.

Anonymous said...

I have thought and have removed the idea