Thursday, 3 December 2009

The Beginning of The End - Class

Today is my last day of classes, for my undergrad. Actually, I had my last traditional class this afternoon, I still have one to go to tonight though. However, it is for my Fiction Workshop so was never traditional, and tonight we are at someone's house having a end of term party so it really doesn't feel like class. Today was a pretty solid end of classes experience, really was symbolic of my university career at Carleton. It started very early in the morning, so I didn't really get time to look good, my hair has been a mess all day. I'm wearing my Carleton hoodie in honour of the occasion. I was late to my first class, but not super late. Handed in an assignment. Went to see a couple of different professors. Talked about my grad school applications with the career centre. Spent quick bits of time in the library working on other assignments. So basically my day was spent rushing from class, to class, to professors, to the library to work last minute on something, to some other random campus chore. Normal day of classes, busy, busy, busy!!


Anonymous said...

Lots of "lasts" for your Undergrad - congrats!!!

JJ said...

It feels so good to be done. Congrats lady.

Hezabelle said...