Wednesday, 4 November 2009


I had my first presentation of the semester this morning. It wasn't really a normal one though. In my Renaissance Drama 4th Year Seminar we had some options for our first assignment (worth 25%). We could either write an essay, do a formal research presentation, or preform from memory a section of text. I joined in a group of three and we preformed a scene. It was so much fun. I wish all my school presentations were like that. We took the John Webster play, The Duchess of Malfi, and refashioned it in 1950's mafia Chicago. I played two parts, both the nanny and the crazy brother. As the brother, I got to threaten my sister, The Duchess with a hand gun, and I had some great lines, including; "Die then quickly! Virtue where art though hid? What hideous thing is it that doth eclipse thee?" when yelling at my sister, who I incorrectly think has had a child out of wedlock. And "Do not speak" when she is trying to defend herself. I also had two big (20ish lines long) speeches that were really fun too. Including one that is a big story about Reputation, Love and Death. " 'Stay,' called Reputation, 'Do not forsake me, for it is my nature if once I part from any man I meet I am never found again.' And so, for you, you have shook hands with Reputation and made him invisible." Then I end the scene as the brother by walking out and saying, "So you have some virgins that are bitches. I will never see thee more." It was great fun!!!


Anonymous said...

sounds fun. This "preforming" though is a new thing for me, is it like "performing"? (sorry, couldn't resist perhaps you have created a new word)

JJ said...

This is a class?!? Kidding. Sounds like it was fun.