Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Don't Be Afraid

I shouldn't write this post but I'm going to because I'm feeling broke and I have dreams of making money from my writing. In my current circumstances this could really only come from my blog and logically the only way I can make money on my blog is through the advertisements by AdSense. I put them up a while ago and the pennies are adding up, just not very quickly. I just wanted to tell you not to be afraid to click on an ad that interests you. I have clicked on some on Steph's blog, every now and then an ad about photography or writing appears on hers and I feel the need to check it out. They aren't terrible spam things. You click them and it goes to some normal site about something or the other, you don't get piles of pop-ups and other scary things. So, if something appears that appeals to you, don't be scared, click on it and check it out.
*Note: When I signed up for AdSense I promised that I would not click on ads that appeared on my own blog, I may also have agreed not to promote the ads by writing about them in this fashion but I don't really remember. So while I hate to write this cause it is annoyingly selling out, I also might not even have been allowed to write it.


Anonymous said...

I think you're okay as long as you don't tell people to click on them for no reason. I.e., only if they're interested in it. But don't quote me on that...


Faebala said...

All your ads ask me if I'm single and over 40. :(