Sunday, 4 October 2009

Link - Always A Mess

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Blogging is great! Through my influence or otherwise a bunch of my friends have been slowly starting up their own sites over the years. Ottawa Erin is the lastest!! As a personal rule, I don't feature or link to a blog until it has at least 5 posts completed. This gives the writer time to get used to the format and gives readers enough material to get a sense about what the blog is about. Also, a lot of people start blogs and abandon them, I need to see commitment! (See section of an XKCD comic called Superlative on Right.) Erin's blog is called Always A Mess and is part of an effort to clean up her life, "sometimes habits are hard to change". She has been keeping a lot of clippings, pictures, cutouts, ripped bits of newspaper and other scraps for years now. They have been kept in pages of books, old shoe boxes, tucked into the back corners of drawers and every other imaginable place, I know this is true because I helped her move a few months ago. Now Ottawa Erin is attempting to clean up by cataloging all of it and new materials she finds on Always A Mess. One other thing, she has two really cool features at the very bottom of her blog, a Fish Pond and a collection of quotes. See Link to Erin's blog in My Links.

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