Friday, 2 October 2009

Blow Your Mind Hole

I saw this little bit on an episode of West Wing sometime over the last week. It has been haunting me ever since. I have always know what it says to be true but to see it presented so clearly really blew my mind. I wanted to share it on Always Standing but didn't know how. I figured I would have to further research what they are talking about and write a post on it. I also could maybe find the episode online somewhere and direct everyone to the proper point in it. On a whim I thought I might be able to to find it on YouTube to see if the exact clip I wanted was available. I didn't think I would have much luck since West Wing is an older show and this was an obscure section in just one episode of its seven seasons. Turns out when I typed in just 'west wing' without even further qualifiers this was the third clip listed. I guess it was interesting to a few other people too. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

OK, that's cool, and I think I will have to watch it again (or a few times) to get my head wrapped around it.

Erin said...

My sound isn't working!!! When I get it fixed I'll check into this little Mind F*ck.

Anonymous said...

hahaha I distinctly remember this episode and thinking this part of it was really cool!

Oh how I love you West Wing!


Hezabelle said...

Whoa! Is that true...?!

Deborah said...

Christine, this is a gem. I knew the Mercator maps distorted things, but this went way beyond the little I had heard. Best post of my day!
Anne's mom