Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Urban Walls

I bought these cool 3D flowers for my wall. I kept seeing them at the store up the street and thought they were so interesting and modern. They were actually designed by a Canadian industrial design student - Marion Lanktree. Umbra is now making them and they aren't expensive. You can buy them on the Umbra website, through Amazon, or in stores. They are called Wallflower Wall Decor and there are a bunch of colours. It is hard to really show or explain what they truly look like or how they are installed without seeing it in person. Basically, you put a magnetic tack into the wall and these light weight curved plastic pieces attach to that. The texture they create is really funky. Here they are up in my room:


Hezabelle said...

Yay! I saw them last night on Skype!!

Anonymous said...

They look great, glad you got them up they are really pretty.

Miss_JJohn said...

Those are pretty.