Saturday, 12 September 2009

Social Tick

I have a (new) social tick. I can't stop it. Now that I have noticed it, it bugs me every time I notice myself doing it!! I have discovered that I list examples with letters (and occasionally numbers). For example,"Yea, so I decided not to go out last night because A-it was raining B- I have no money and C- I was super tired." I have always done this, but now I have noticed I do it ALL THE TIME, like 3 or 4 times a conversation maybe even 20 times a day. It is so annoying (and I hate being annoying) but I cant seem to stop. (Often I'm doing it when only have two things to list so it is just going to be A&B or 1&2, which makes it even more stupid) I do sometimes catch myself about to do it and I then will try to say "because either such and such or such and such" or try to just list things normally. However, sometimes I don't catch myself doing it until after I have done it. I'm actually annoying myself. I have to fix this!!


Hezabelle said...

I never thought it was annoying. It gives some structure to your long stories! hahaha

Erin said...

I actually like the way you list things like that. I've never found it annoying either.

Steven said...
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Anonymous said...

NO! Never stop! It's the only way I can keep up sometimes! Such as...
A - I wanted to take shop class
B- I couldn't rework my timetable
.... 20 minutes later
C - I couldn't get into the class!

I love lists... it's like listening to a story in essay format!

Love, T

Anonymous said...

Long story.... but I am that other deleted comment as well.

Love T

Anonymous said...

I also love the lists! Structure is key...otherwise its easy to get lost.