Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Epic Blog Mention

Not an epic mention of Always Standing actually, but of myself on Heather`s blog (See Link on Right). Heather is leaving for England soon and has been doing a series of posts about saying goodbye to her friends. I hung out with her on Monday and she has since written a glowing review of our friendship. She says so many nice things, I was positively beaming as I read it. However, many of them are more than little bit of a stretch, especially for anyone who actually knows me. I also had been trying to keep The Humus Story from appearing on the internet, but it really was only a matter of time. I am really excited for Heather and her awesome Masters program in the UK. I am looking forward to reading and hearing all about her experiences over the coming year.

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Hezabelle said...

They're not a stretch! I love The Chris!