Sunday, 23 August 2009

A Little High School Drama - 7/7

In order to keep posts short, I am splitting up the short story I wrote for my Fiction Portfolio into sections. It is coming to you now - serialised. How very 1800's! It isn't the greatest solution because it will get posted backwards and to read as a whole will involve some scrolling. But the seven sections will get released slowly, so most will be able to read it as it comes. The story is quite conducive to this as it was written with breaks, which I'm using to divide up the sections. Enjoy!

At lunch Julia and Brianne met in line at the cafeteria. Brianne gave Julia a sad look. After learning that she hadn’t made it into the class Brianne had ran into the bathroom crying. Julia had just stood still and stared at the list for a long time, until other students started showing up to look at it. Walking slowly to the bathroom, she had found Brianne fixing her make-up in one of the mirrors. “Sucks, totally sucks,” she said when she noticed Julia walk in. Her bottom lip started to quiver and Julia walked over to give her a hug.

“Oh, Brie,” she said, “Next time, right? Next time.” Brianne stroked Julia’s hair. As they left the bathroom, the girls had started to talk about other possible plans for the next semester. Julia wanted to take a Business and Marketing class instead of Physics and Brianne was hoping to run for the Drama Club executive. Julia pulled out her notebook and started writing down some campaign ideas. “So, what’s your platform?” she asked. “What are you going to do differently with the Club?” Julia suggested having improv games at lunch open to all students and Brianne started to outline a series of workshops she thought could be offered to help members prepare for auditions.

Julia showed Brianne her notebook. “I had some campaign slogan ideas during second period,” she said, “And I want to show you some poster designs I thought you might use.” Brianne followed Julia across the cafeteria to their usual table. They sat down and started looking through Julia’s notebook.

Rachael looked up and asked, “So did you guys get in?” They shook their heads and shrugged.

“You know I might take accounting,” Brianne said. “Because, when I’m doing theatre full time, I’m probably going to have an agent or a manager and how will I know if they are keeping my books straight...” Julia smiled as Brianne started into long discussion about her future career. Stealing a nacho from Rachael, she sat back to listen.


Hezabelle said...

They didn't get in? That's it? Sad.

Anonymous said...

Love it Chris, can't always have a happy ending but optimism alone is a happy ending.

Anonymous said...

Great story Chris!

Erin said...

I knew a Brianne in highschool, this sounds exactly like her life back then.