Saturday, 22 August 2009

A Little High School Drama - 4/7

In order to keep posts short, I am splitting up the short story I wrote for my Fiction Portfolio into sections. It is coming to you now - serialised. How very 1800's! It isn't the greatest solution because it will get posted backwards and to read as a whole will involve some scrolling. But the seven sections will get released slowly, so most will be able to read it as it comes. The story is quite conducive to this as it was written with breaks, which I'm using to divide up the sections. Enjoy!

Julia washed her face and looked at her reflection in the mirror. After dinner, she had spent three hours talking to her father about math, university, and the Senior Drama Class audition. He was more supportive than she had anticipated but was concerned about her using one of her spares so early. Julia had originally planned to take a business accounting course and Introductory Physics during the mornings next semester. These would have to be dropped if she received a part in the play. They had agreed that she would only take the Senior Drama Class if she was offered a good back stage role. “There is no point messing around with this if it isn’t going to give you anything good to put on your university application,” her father had said. “If they offer you Prop Assistant or something I want you to take the accounting.” She had agreed with him and was glad that he didn’t get upset about her business school idea.

Pulling her long brown hair out of its ponytail, Julia inspected her reflection. She pictured a glittering crown perch on top of her head and smiled. Grabbing the towel from beside the sink, she skipped and twirled around the bathroom humming Disney songs. Julia hung the towel on a hook on the back of the door. As she walked into her room thinking about ball gowns and fairy godmothers, Julia picked up the phone to tell Brianne the good news. “Annie!” Julia exclaimed when Brianne picked up the phone. “I’ll do it. I’m goin’ to audition with you!”

Julia was again picturing herself on stage as she got into bed. Dressed in a big blue princess gown she tried to pick a Prince Charming to her Cinderella. Her mind scrolled through the boys on the basketball team and a few others from her classes. “Uhh, I hope the guys that make it are from other schools,” she thought. “There is just no one hot at Riverview!” Julia decided on a blonde boy she had met at camp a few years before. As the two danced across the imaginary stage, Julia smiled to herself. “It could happen,” she thought. “The shy one could get the lead. Happens in movies all the time. A true fairy-tale ending.” Just as she rolled over to sleep Julia thought about Brianne, “Oh, but she would kill me, absolutely kill me.”

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