Thursday, 20 August 2009

A Little High School Drama - 1/7

In order to keep posts short, I am splitting up the short story I wrote for my Fiction Portfolio into sections. It is coming to you now - serialised. How very 1800's! It isn't the greatest solution because it will get posted backwards and to read as a whole will involve some scrolling. But the seven sections will get released slowly, so most will be able to read it as it comes. The story is quite conducive to this as it was written with breaks, which I'm using to divide up the sections. Enjoy!

Brianne rushed towards Julia clutching a piece of paper. Despite her lifelong love for her best friend, Julia knew her lunch was ruined. Brianne sat down next to her at the long cafeteria table, none of the other girls looked up. Rachael simply smiled into her plate of fries and nacho cheese; she too knew that the rest of the lunch hour would be solely focused on Brianne and her long winded monologues about her future theatrical career.

The piece of paper was the announcement of a long awaited audition. The fall semester at Riverview High School was winding down and it was time to cast the next semester’s Senior Drama Class. This was a special program only offered at RHS and was open to students in the entire district. The class took both the morning periods, one of which counted as a senior arts course and the other used one of the few spares granted to senior students.

Julia took the piece of paper from Brianne, smoothed it out, and said, “Anne, seriously, this is the first chance we get to have a spare and we only get two before we graduate. Why would you want to use it up so soon? Save it for our final year. You know, when we have harder courses.” Brianne glared at her. “Or cars, money, and boyfriends, I don’t know,” Julia added.

Brianne continued to glare, “Not Anne, Juls. Not Anne, or Anna, or Annie. Bri, spelt B-R-I, Bri.”

Shaking her head, Julia continued, “I’m not taking a spare next semester and if you do then you will only have one left and I’ll have two. Also, unless you spell it with an E at the end everyone will end up pronouncing it Bri and not Brie. If you want it pronounced Brie like the cheese, than you have to spell it Brie like the cheese.”

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Anonymous said...

How cleverly you seem to have inserted the names of your own friends into the story.