Saturday, 15 August 2009

Facebook Is So Lame

I resisted getting Facebook for a long time. Obviously, I caved and I caved ages ago. However, I still recognize that it can be a pretty ridiculous place and that people should be very careful how they use it. I recently found out that there is a blog documenting just this issue, Lamebook. They post lame and funny pictures, status updates, and other craziness found on Facebook. Of course all last names and faces in the submissions are blurred out. Some of the stuff there is insane, I cannot believe what some people will post on a public social networking site. The internet is not as anonymous as everyone would like to believe and Facebook even less so!! See below for an example of the type of stuff that Lamebook has found:


Hezabelle said...

yes! Another place to waste time!

Anonymous said...

I've been off facebook for years. What a waste of time that place was.