Monday, 6 July 2009

Sci Fi Course

I had my first Science Fiction class today. This is a course that I have been trying to take for the last four years. It is sometimes not offered and when it is it never fit in my schedule. Finally I was able to take it compressed this summer (July-Aug Semester). I am so excited, the reading list is incredible and will be so much fun. The class is really varied too, it has people from all disciplines including 3 or 4 engineers. The prof is a former T.A. of mine who should be pretty good. When I showed up in class there was already a group of people I knew from my previous summer course so we all started talking. Then my MComm Friend who was thinking about taking it showed up which was super exciting because I love taking classes with her. Also, we are reading Science Fiction novels and short stories. This course is going to rock!

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