Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Mad Men

This is a time period that I both love and hate - the early 1960's. I love it because it seems to just ooze class but hate it because it seems stifling and horribly sexist. It seems to be an era that often gets glorified. One of my main problems with Porter Airlines is that it seems be trying to channel a 1960's business airline feel, great for the business man but are women again just stewardesses? I want to watch the TV drama Mad Man because not only does it look smart, sexy and intriguing, it also has been getting a lot of awards and critical acclaim. However, I haven't gotten around to it because I don't have time and it keeps reminding me of this clip on Family guy. Peter is watching an old work training video about women in the workplace "Remember, nothing says 'good job' like a firm, open-palm slap on the behind." Putting my gender equality ideals on the back burner, I did enjoy making myself into a 'Mad Men' character, though as you may notice, I put myself in a boardroom making a presentation (apparently about underwear.) Make your own.

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Anonymous said...

I love Mad Men! This could be our next show in a post season 4 Le Sex world(which we are already living in). I can borrow it from my sister and I've only seen a few episodes so far.