Friday, 10 July 2009

Born For This

I found out last night that I was born to attend The Bachelorette, not as the bride of course. Last night was Alberta's Erin's 'Last Fling Before The Ring' or as our shirts said, due to an error at the printers, 'Last Swing Before The Ring'. I am currently midway through the Anne Visit and Erin Wedding Weekend Extravaganza! I thought it would be three nights of drinking with my MComm Friend's birthday tonight and the wedding tomorrow but last night was a little much so I'm going to have to tone it down. Last night was wicked though, my first bachelorette and I must say I love them. It is always great to go out with a group of girls and there were 10 of us. We started the evening at The Blue Cactus downtown, great drinks and a bit of food. Everyone looked very pretty and dressed up. Martini's and blender drinks, all 'cactus sized', and a couple of rounds of 'Never Have I Ever' which I love to play but any other situation would never be done out at a bar/restaurant. Then the limo came and it was pretty awesome, Lincoln Navigator stretch, which the geographers lamented was not so great for the environment. The adorable driver Joseph told us he drove Madonna once in it and it was so massive, there was tons of room for the 10 of us. Big surprise is the driver had also brought a convertible Rolls Royce for Erin and a friend to drive around in for a bit. We had a little limo tour and drank some G&T's. When Erin joined us a bit later the night made the anticipated turn from classy to trashy. We whipped out the matching pink shirts and started cutting them up Flashdance style, Erin got a glowing heart saying Bride To Be, I think at one point there was even Spock ears and a penis veil but those fell by the wayside by the time we made it into the club, Berrymore's: 90's Night. As promised Anne totally 'brought the party' pulling out new dance moves like 'The Fax Machine' and the very awesome 'Typewriter.' Everyone, predominantly male, wanted to be dancing with us! By the end of the night I was sweating up a storm and not even caring. I am very happy to just dance the night away. Each girls t-shirt had a dare printed on it for Erin to do, mine was the hardest! 'Get a cops autograph' and I really didn't think she was going to be able to do it, though kept saying, 'I can just get arrested at the end of the night after we leave the club.' We did find one, on the highway and we pulled over to see if he would sign her shirt. I leaned out the window and we got it done!! For all the How I Met Your Mother fans out there, we were of course Woo Girls for the evening, but that is alright with me, I'm a Woo Girl most evenings out! The night ended with a much needed face wash and glass of water. Though it terrifies me when friends get married, I can't wait for my next one!!

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Hezabelle said...

Yay! Sounds fun!!